Six Months In

One random wintry night in February, I said yes. Not on a whim, per se. Although, not a deeply rooted decision either. I think I simply needed something fresh. Travel season had ended and work wasn’t all that challenging anymore. I was struggling to find inspiration to write, feeling like my creativity had run dry. I wanted to see what would happen. I wanted to try. I promised myself that when it stopped working, I’d stop. But I also promised myself that I’d work really hard to give it a chance to work, to allot room for it to grow if it wanted to. I asked lots and lots of questions and hung up from that first phone conversation feeling equal parts excitement and fear. I’d. Said. Yes.


What was about to unfold? I did not know. But I trusted the woman who introduced me to Rodan + Fields. She promised to walk me through the process and not to let go of my hand. I’m sitting here drinking tea on my back porch, scrolling through past Facebook posts, wondering how it’s already been six months—half a year! Consulting for R+F morphed into a journey much more meaningful and significant than I ever imagined.

Let me start out by confessing that I honest-to-goodness had to close my eyes sometimes in order to hit send on a “reach out” I’d typed. I reached out to friends and family first, naturally. At some point, though, you choose to quit or you choose to reach out to people you don’t know or people you haven’t talked to in weeks or months or, potentially, even years. So I closed my eyes and hit send, horrified that I was becoming that girl. But here’s the thing: instead of the judgment and dismissal I’d anticipated what I discovered was kindness and connection. R+F has been like a river in my life the last six months that’s ebbed and flowed—it’s been the driving force of connections both new and old and taken conversations all sorts of which ways. I’ve not only walked women through a Solution Tool to help them determine the best regimen for their skin, I’ve also given and received book reviews and recommendations. I’ve talked pilates, recipes, pregnancies and babies. I’ve discussed job promotions, career transitions, weddings and world travels alongside R+F product details and recommendations. I never thought that friends long since gone could pop back up and walk back into my life and bless me in so many different ways. One such connection ended up not being interested in R+F at all. So we conversed back and forth about other things—we shared mini life updates and she provided me with some downtown Denver recommendations for my upcoming trip. And that was that. A few weeks later I made a comment on Instagram about how beautiful the La La Land quote was that she’d beautifully calligraphed in gold. She replied by offering to make and mail me one! I was astonished.

Six months in and I’m full of gratitude that we can cross step into each others lives in various seasons in a variety of unexpected and lovely ways. Thank you. Thank you for the kindness and grace you extended when I first began sharing about a company I’d only recently heard of and whose products I was still learning about. Thank you for forgiving me that one time I forgot to delay your autoship date. Thank you for telling me you’re already a user. Thank you for telling me you’re a simple soap and water gal and that you’re not interested. {That’s okay, too!} Thank you for responding, for reaching out, for your words of encouragement, for opening your heart. Thank you for creating and sharing artwork inspires my heart to keep hoping and dreaming.

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I haven’t even told you about the women I work with yet! They. Are. Amazing. They’re brave and beautiful, strong and talented, creative and inspiring. We’re a motley crew, for sure. We all live in different time zones and we’re all in different life stages. You can find us “voxing” each other back and forth while we’re driving, or standing in line, or crossing the street—squeezing R+F into the nooks and crannies of our lives. Voxer, if you’re not familiar, is an incredibly fun walkie talkie app. {You should probably go download it.} My all-time favorite “vox” goes out to one of the executive consultants on my team who, mid sentence, says: “Hold on one second. One of my children is throwing up.” Just like that. Calm, cool, matter of fact. She returned a bit later, after cleaning up vomit, and continued her thought like it was the most normal thing ever. {Hashtag “rockstar.”} These women make me laugh and bring me joy. They’ve rallied around me and chipped in to help me reach goals like so many women have done for them prior. They’ve coached and encouraged me and cheered me on. They’ve unknowingly walked me through the last six months, and in more than R+F ways. They’ve shared their stories with me and they asked to hear mine. They’ve also generously given wisdom and insight from their own unique journeys and perspectives. These ladies have been an unexpected gift. Six months in, I appreciate R+F for their amazing company structure and quality products but what I appreciate even more are the women I work with who I now call friends.

Six months in and I’m finding that R+F is making me a better me. To borrow a little language from A. A. Milne, I’m discovering that I’m braver than I believe and stronger than I seem—that I can perhaps go farther than I imagine. R+F has taught me how to run my own business, how to profit from a sale, how to face a new fear, how to open up my heart. It’s rekindled my love for all things marketing, branding, design, social media, and writing. It’s been a creative outlet for my soul in this season that I didn’t even know I needed. My very short journey with R+F has already been full of surprises.

Dear Team Shine: Thank you for making me smile, for being brave with me, for inspiring me, for sharing your resources with me, and for walking alongside me. There’s no other team I’d rather be on! ✨


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